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Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to do to look after your heart health. But now a new type of heart health capsule has entered the market, and it heralded to be a game-changer.



Ateronon, exclusively available in Sri Lanka from LankaNutra – is a natural food supplement capsule containing LactoLycopene proven to protect your heart health.

Lycopene is derived from the skin of tomatoes, but it's health benefits are difficult to absorb simply get by simply eating lots of salad. The LactoLycopene in Ateronon is a natural, patented form of lycopene which was proven to be extremely bioavailable in new research from Cambridge University in UK and Harvard University in the US.



The University of Cambridge has also run clinical trials on Ateronon and found that taking the supplement daily significantly increases the flexibility of arteries - counteracting the artery hardening and clogging associated with cardiovascular disease. The evidence behind this powerful antioxidant is compelling and has attracted attention from leading cardiologists, charities and health bodies across the globe.



And why wouldn’t it? To date, the Cambridge based company behind Ateronon, has invested £11.5m into its clinical research and development. With the risk of cardiovascular disease increasing every year, now’s the time to start giving your heart the protection, love and attention it deserves.

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