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Scientists create world's first all-natural Mediterranean diet pill that can help prevent heart disease and is available to buy over-the-counter

  • 'Ateronon Heart' combines a component in tomatoes with milk for absorption
  • The supplement slows down the build-up of plaque to prevent heart disease 
  • In a world first, the scientists have been issued a patency for the product 
  • Experts believe people are looking for plant-based cures for illnesses


Mediterranean diet in a pill could help beat heart disease

A PILL that replicates the benefits of a Mediterranean diet to prevent heart disease has been given a scientific patent, scientists announce.


Wonder pill made from TOMATOES could spare older men the agony of night-time toilet trips

Cambridge University researchers claim Ateronon XY shrinks enlarged prostate glands that press on the bladder and will also reduce prostate cancer risks

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